About the Mom

I am a VERY single mom, these are my ramblings.  I am not perfect, I don’t have amazing recipes, life hacks or a great sense of fashion; but I love my kids to pieces.  We have a ton of fun and make some awesome (and some frustrating & horrifying) memories along the road.  Welcome to the chaos.  My life has is full of ups and downs, life is a roller coaster…ENJOY THE RIDE!!


4 thoughts on “About the Mom

  1. Hi, Lori – it’s Melissa here from Birthtalk.org 🙂 In 2010 you left a comment on our blog,& I was hoping to use that comment in another article we are writing about traumatic birth for our blog. To see the comment we’d like to use, go here : http://birthtraumatruths.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/there-is-a-secret-in-our-culture-but-it-is-not-that-women-are-strong-why-some-birth-quotes-may-be-damaging-to-women/ and scroll down to comment #21. We are writing a follow-up to our original article about that quote “There is secret in our culture…”, & want to include other women’s experiences. You can email me at info@birthtalk.org to let me know 🙂

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